Gear pump with standard motor

Gear pump with standard motor that equips helical gears for a smoother and quieter operation.

It is a self- priming unit, with a built-in safety valve.

Suitable for transferring fuel oils, lubricants, animal or vegetable fats and others.



  • Gear pump with standard motor.
  • The helical gears allow a smoother and quieter operation of the pump.
  • It is a self-priming pump. That is to say, with the installation empty, the pump is able to aspirate the liquid causing a vacuum pressure in the suction pipe.
  • The design integrates a safety valve in the gear casing that is capable of relieving the pressure in case the working limits are exceeded.
  • Suitable for transferring fuel oils, lubricants, animal or vegetable fats and others.
  • Compact monoblock construction with rigid coupling to standard motor according to IEC standards. Bomba Elias also has different series of gear pumps with single motor-pump shaft (R Series) and on baseplate units with attached motor (EL (SB) Series).
  • Sealing solution with mechanical seal or lip seals depending on the model and the application.
  • The main difference from the R Series is the use of a standard IEC motor. This allows a cheaper, simpler and faster motor replacement. It also allows the pump to operate at slightly higher temperatures, up to 110ºC. However, its volume is increased comparatively.
  • Finally, the R-U series can be assembled in ATEX version ( contact the technical department for specifications and dimensions).


 Pump casing GG-25
 Gears Treated steel
 Pump shaft F-114
 Pump front cover GG-25
 Sealing solution Mechanical seal or double lip seal according to model and application
 Rear flange Ductile cast iron
 Bearings Rigid ball bearings with lifetime lubrication(2RS)

Technical data

 Motor Single-phase or three-phase according to IEC 60034-30 standards
 Efficiency IE2 or IE3 for power > 1 HP
IE1 if power < 1 HP
It can be supplied up to IE5.
 Tension Single-phase 230V ± 10% up to 1 HP
Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5.5 HP
Three-phase 400/690 V ± 10% from 7.5 HP upwards
 Poles 4 or 6 depending on the model
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F class


Usage limits

 Range of flow rates From 220 up to 40000 l/h
 Range of pressures Up to 10 bar depending on the model
 Max. Working pressure 12 bar
 Max. Working temperature 110ºC
 Max. suction height 7 m