Gear pump for thermal fluid (350ºC)

Gear pump for thermal fluid/heat transfer fluid installations, up to 350ºC.

The R-FT Series is a self-priming pump with a built-in safety valve.

It equips helical gears for an optimum and quiet operation.


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Design awarded by the European INNOWWIDE project, that provides funding to SMEs for their innovative solutions.


  • Gear pump for thermal fluid/heat transfer fluid installations, up to 350ºC.
  • The helical gears allow a smoother and quieter operation of the pump.
  • It is a self-priming pump. That is to say, with the installation empty, the pump is able to aspirate the liquid causing a vacuum pressure in the suction pipe.
  • The design integrates a built-in safety valve in the gear casing that is capable of relieving the pressure in case the working limits are exceeded.
  • It is suitable for any heat transfer fluid application in the industry up to temperatures of 350ºC. It facilitates the assembly of subcircuits due to its flow rate adjustment, what represents a significant energy saving.
  • It is a monoblock version with a standard IEC motor mounted by rigid coupling between the pump shaft and the motor shaft end, and fastened by means of a flange. This ensures optimum alignment of the equipment.
  • In addition, the assembly is supported at up to four different points, consisting of three deep groove ball bearings and a front bearing that, apart from providing stability to the shaft, also acts as a fluid restrictive ring.
  • Mechanical seal NV-2 Type, according to EN12756 standards, with independent direction of rotation.
  • A finned heatsink casing has been designed to considerably reduce the working temperature of the pump in the area of the mechanical seal and bearings.
  • Ideal for VFD operation, as it ensures that the assembly is not misaligned as it is a completely solid shaft.
  • Possibility of installation in explosive atmosphere in accordance with ATEX directives.


 Pump casing GG-25
 Gears Treated steel
 Pump shaft F-114
 Finned heatsink casing Ductile cast iron
 Sealing solution NV-2 Type (EN 12756)
 Motor flange Ductile cast iron

Technical data

 Motor Three-phase according to IEC 60034-30 standards
 Efficiency IE2 or IE3 for power > 1 HP
IE1 if the power < 1 HP
It can be supplied up to IE5.
 Tension Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5,5 HP
Three-phase 400/690 V ± 10% form 7,5 HPn and upwards
 Poles 4 or 6 depending on the model
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F Class


Usage limits

 Range of flow rates  From 220 up to 14000 l/h
 Range of pressures  Up to 10 bar depending on the model
 Max. Working pressure  12 bar
 Max. Working temperature  350ºC
 Max. Suction height  7 m