Frequently asked questions that may arise

If you have any questions that are not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bombas Elias has a large Technical Service network in Spain, where you can find the component you need. On the following link you can download our SAT list in Spain:

Agents and distributors Elias pumps

If you live outside Spain, please contact us on export@elias.es.

It is very important for the pressure switches to be regulated according to the working pressure of the pump for correct operation of the installation.

The tank deposits are delivered at factory pressure, but they should be adjusted during installation to the correct pressure of the characteristics of the pump.

IMPORTANT: The pressure of the tank should be ¼ kilo below start-up pressure.

Get to know our hydrospheres in the following link: Hidrosspheres

The abbreviation m.c.a. means meters water column and corresponds to a pressure unit technical system of units, equal to the pressure exerted by a column of pure water one meter in height.

Its equivalent is:

1 m.c.a. = 0.1 kg / cm ² = 9.81 kPa (kilopascals)

1 m.c.a. = 1000 mm.c.d.a.

Each pump has an installation process. Bomba Elias includes a copy of the instructions manual with all products,and this will allow you to complete the installation successfully.

In case you need a copy, it can be downloaded from the link “Instructions Manual” tab of the pump on our website


Tabla perdida accesorios

Tabla perdidas de carga

Tabla perdidas de carga

Tabla de selección de cable por longitud y potencia del motor

Tabla de selección de cable por longitud y potencia del motor