We offer pumping solutions for different industrial applications such as chemical process, thermal fluid circuits, water and steam installations, food and sanitary, pressure booster sets and firefighting sets.

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We offer water extraction or distribution pumps for all types of irrigation systems, chemical dosing pumps as well as sewage pumps and dewatering pumps.

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We have water pressure booster sets and firefighting sets, and also specialized equipment for air conditioning, swimming pool pumps and wastewater equipment for the building sector.

¡Make your own custom design with our pumps!


With our range of pumps, we cover a wide variety of needs in the maritime sector. We dispose of pumping equipment for engine cooling, fuel transfer, tank unloading and loading, bilge transfer, and for balancing the ship, in ballast tanks.

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We have firefighting solutions for medium and large fire extinguishing installations. We comply with the regulations (EN, UNE, CEPREVEN…) specified by our customers, by means of main and auxiliary pump configurations, with electric or diesel drive motor.

¡Keep any fire under control!


We have a wide variety of products to supply the fuel required by each installation, in a multitude of applications. We have gear pumps and complete pressure booster sets for machinery, boiler burner feeding and fuel transfer.

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