Efficient pumping systems and reliable designed produced in our factory.
Mechanization, Iron and Steel, Food, Chemical, Automotive, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Plastic…

Elias solutions guaranteed for the best of your production!


Pumping extraction or distribution of water that adapts to the environment and for any irrigation.
We manufacture variable speed pumps that, while guaranteeing the same flow and pressure, save energy.

Our pumps at the service of your harvest!


All our range of sustainable pumps for the best construction.

Elevation of pressure, waste water, clean water, air conditioning, swimming pools, firefighting groups…

Project with our pumps and feel free to build!


From Shipyards to the Sea, we cover every need with the highest energy efficiency.
Feed boilers, refrigerant machines, manage water, refrigerate, firefighting, ballast…

Sail safely, we are on board!


Pumps and smart pumping systems for cooling, heating or refrigerating.
Solutions for air conditioning, heating, industrial cold, refrigerating towers, acs.

Elias pump, controlled temperature!


Equipment designed to save energy with greater efficiency.
Pumps for water treatment, waste, filtration, desalination, chemicals, particles…

Engineering and pumps for a healthy earth!


Pumps optimized for recirculation, filtering, purification, dosing and evacuation of water.
Centrifugal, self-priming, pre-filter, multicellular, non-corrosive, high-performance pumps.

For small and big installations,
Pumps to the water!


Guaranteed security with all legal protection regulations complied.
Groups that guarantee boot, flow and pressure in and for any safety system.

Elias Pumps: fire under pressure!


The required fuel, brought from wherever it is and taken where needed.
Groups of aspiration, single or double pressure, elevators, transfer, safety valve.

With Elias pumps: fuel is always available!