EN 733 standardized centrifugal pump for heat transfer fluid (350ºC)

EN733 centrifugal pump designed for transferring thermal fluid at high temperature, up to 350ºC. Mounted on a baseplate with a simple flexible coupling or with a spacer.



  • EN 733 centrifugal pump for heat transfer fluid.
  • Suitable for any heat transfer fluid application in industry up to temperatures of 350ºC.
  • Versions available:
    • EL-Bare Shaft version with no motor attached.
    • SB-On Basepalte version with motor coupled to the pump by simple elastic coupling or with spacer, for a Back Pull-out system, which facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the unit.
    • A M-Monoblock model is also available.
  • NV-2 Type mechanical seal , according to EN12756 standards, with independent direction of rotation.
  • A finned heatsink casing has been designed to considerably reduce the working temperature of the pump in the area of the mechanical seal and bearings, ensuring their optimum performance and extending the useful life of the assembly.
  • It incorporates an oil-lubricated bearing housing away from the high temperature zone, and incorporates a front bearing that acts as a restrictive ring and also provides stability to the assembly.
  • Possibility of installation in explosive atmosphere in accordance with ATEX directives.


 Pump casing GGG-40 nodular cast iron
 Impeller GG-20 cast iron
 Pump shaft F-114/AISI 316
 Finned heatsink Pearlitic iron
 Mechanical seal NV-2 Type (EN12756)
 Bearings Standard deep groove ball bearings


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Technical data

 Motor Three-phase according to IEC standards
 Efficiency IE2 or IE3 for power > 1 HP
IE1 if the power < 1 HP
It can be supplied up to IE5.
 Tension Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5.5 HP
Three-phase 400/690 V ± 10% from 7.5 HP upwards
 Poles 2 and 4
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F Class


Usage limits

 Range of flow rates  Up to 600 m3/h
 Range of pressures  From 4 to 14 bar
 Max. Working pressure  16 bar
 Max. Working temperature  350ºC