Diesel double pressure booster sets

Double pump pressure booster sets specially designed for the automatic supply of diesel oil to boiler burners

The unit is mounted on a sheet metal baseplate for an easy and user-friendly installation.


General description

Double pump pressure booster sets specially designed for the automatic supply of diesel oil to boiler burners, mounted on a sheet metal frame for an easy and user-friendly installation.


  • Two R Series self-priming gear pumps with built-in safety valve inside the gear casing.
  • Alternating operation between pumps so that they work homogeneously throughout their service life.
  • Multifunction electrical panel with direct start for control, operation and protection of the unit. It includes:
    • Single-phase and three-phase connection up to 13A.
    • Adjustable electronic thermal relay 1-13A.
    • It admits connection of level, humidity and temperature probes.
    • General disconnecting switch, two magneto-thermal switches and two contactors.
    • Electronic detection of faults and wiring errors.
    • 5 cable glands.
    • Safety to avoid restarts and sudden stops due to water hammer.
    • Acoustic alarm.
  • Safety and control pressure switches with manual or automatic reset, depending on model.
  • Diesel oil filter to avoid impurities in the circuit that can wear out its components.
  • Pressure gauge indicating the working pressure in the installation.
  • Check valves in the impulsion lines to avoid the circulation of the fluid in the opposite direction.
  • Hydropneumatic accumulator that maintains a reserve of pressurized water to guarantee an optimal supply and significantly reduces the number of pump start-stop maneuvers.
  • Ball valve to control the flow of diesel oil through the circuit.

¡For single pump diesel fuel booster sets, see GPG Series!


 Pump casing  GG25
 Gears  Treated steel
 Pump shaft  F-114
 Baseplate  Iron sheet metal with black epoxy paint
 Valves and fittings  Galvanized iron or brass
 Other accessories  Depending on the model and application


Technical data

 Motor Single/three-phase according to IEC standards
 Efficiency IE2 or IE3 for powers > 1 HP
IE1 if the power < 1 HP
 Tension Single-phase 230V ± 10% up to 1 HP
Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5,5 HP
 Poles 4 or 6 depending on the model
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F Class


Usage limits

Range of flow rates From 20 to 6500 l/h
Range of pressures Up to 10 bar depending on the model
Max. Working pressure 12 bar
Max. Working temperature 60 ºC
Max. Suction height 7 m