Adjustable pressure gear pump

Electrobomba de engranajes de presión regulable para pequeños caudales. Equipo autocebante, indicado especialmente para aceites combustibles y trabajo en paralelo con quemadores. Diseño con engranajes silenciosos y motor monofásico.



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  • Adjustable pressure gear pump.
  • It works with specially designed external gears, ensuring greater efficiency and quiet operation.
  • It is a self-priming pump. That is to say, with the installation empty, the pump is able to aspirate the liquid causing a vacuum pressure in the suction pipe.
  • It integrates an adjustable pressure valve inside the gear casing. It allows the customer to regulate the operating pressure of the pump up to 8 bar.
  • Specially designed for small flow rates.
  • Suitable for transferring fuel oils. Specially designed to operate in parallel with burners.
  • Compact monoblock construction with a single motor-pump shaft.
  • Single-phase motor with thermoamperimetric protection.
  • Sealing solution with lip seal according to DIN 6370, in NBR.


 Pump casing  GG-25
 Gears  Treated steel
 Motor-pump shaft  F-114
 Front cover  GG-25
 Sealing solution  Lip seal according to DIN 6370, in NBR
 Bearings  Rigid ball bearings with protection and lifetime lubrication (2RS)


Technical data

 Motor Single-phase or three-phase according to IEC 60034-30 standards
 Efficiency IE1 (Power < 1 HP)
 Tension Single-phase 230V ± 10% up to 1 HP
Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5,5 HP
 Poles 4
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F Class


Usage limits

 Range of flow rates  From 20 up to 300 l/h
 Range of pressures  Adjustable up to 8 bar
 Max. Working pressure  12 bar
 Max. Working temperature  60ºC
 Max. Suction height  5 m