ISO 2858 centrifugal pump for chemical process

Bomba centrífuga monocelular normalizada según ISO 2858 (DIN 24256) de excelente rendimiento hidráulico, especializada en aplicaciones industriales de proceso químico.



  • ISO 2858 standardized centrifugal pump for chemical process applications (ISO 2858 – EN 22858 – DIN 24256 standards).
  • High performance and low energy consumption pump, with a very low NPSH.
  • Versions available:
    • EL-Bare Shaft version with no motor attached.
    • SB-On Basepalte version with motor coupled to the pump by a spacer coupling, as standard, or with a simple flexible coupling. The spacer coupling is useful for allowing a Back Pull-out system, that facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the unit.
    • M-Monoblock version has its own designation as BQPM.
  • Adaptation of a wide variety of mechanical seals, according to EN 12756 standards. It is possible to mount from single internal mechanical seals to single or double cartridge external seals, in different materials of construction for full compatibility with the operating fluid.
  • Possibility of adding API Plans: These plans allow the modification of the mechanical seal environment so that the nature or working conditions of the fluid do not cause so much wear on the seal. There are plans for recirculation, lubrication, heating, cooling and abrasion prevention, among others.
  • It includes an integrated internal cooling/heating chamber for cooling or heating the transfer area, located in the pump casing, or the mechanical seal housing.
  • Versatility of construction materials for total adaptation to the pumping fluid and/or the environment. From structural parts to sealing elements such as gaskets and o-rings.
  • It is equipped with a properly lubricated bearing bracket, with a constant level oiler, that provides greater stability to the pump shaft.


 Pump casing Carbon steel, 304 SS, 316 or 316L SS, 904 SS, Hastelloy…
 Impeller Carbon steel, 304 SS, 316 or 316L SS, 904 SS, Hastelloy…
 Pump Shaft F-114, 304 SS, 316 or 316L SS, 904 SS, Hastelloy…
 Shaft sleeve (if equipped) 304 SS, 316 or 316L SS, 904 SS, Hastelloy…
 Mechanical seal According to the application (EN 12756 std)
 Bearing bracket and lantern GG25 cast iron


Technical data

 Motor Three-phase according to IEC standards
 Efficiency IE2 o IE3 for power ratings > 1 HP
IE1 if the power rating < 1 HP
Can be supplied up to IE5.
 Tension Three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 5,5 CV
Three-phase 400/690 V ± 10% from 7,5 CV upwards
 Poles 2 or 4 according to the model
 Level of protection IP55
 Insulation F Class


Usage limits

 Range of flow rates  Models up to 700 m3/h
 Range of pressures  Models up to 16 bar
 Max. working pressure  20 bar
 Max. working temperature  300ºC