Solution for shaft chopping


Solution for shaft chopping

It is well known the eroding / wear’s effect produced by the water on the hydraulic axis of a pump, causing over time a malfunction of the same, loss of efficiency and a possible breakage of the shaft.

Some of the possible causes can be:

  • The type of material used
  • The chemical characteristics of the water either by its natural channel or from sewage or desalination plants.
  • Operating hours
  • Temperature of the fluid, etc.

After a meticulous analysis and many hours of dedication to find a solution to the problem, Bomba Elias has patented a new axis with very positive results that minimizes the effect of shaft degradation due to the aforementioned causes.

We are pioneers in this great technological advance and we must take advantage of this circumstance to transmit it to our current and potential clients.

For a better understanding of the new axis that will revolutionize the world of domestic pumps we attach a documentation that explains what the invention consists of.

The series that will have this new axis are:

  • MAXI
  • MAR
  • RUBI

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