Product Tag - Swimming pools

  • SL II Domestic Swimming pool

    The SL II pumps series are Self-priming electro pumps for swimming-pools, with built-in pre-filter of great capacity.

    The wide range of SL pump series allows to reach high performances from 0, 8 Hp up to 3 Hp and an extremely low noise level.

  • GOLLIAT/H Public swimming pools with pre-filter

    GOLLIAT/H is a Centrifugal pump ideal for big floor rates at low pressure. Its hydraulic design allows for reaching high performances with an extremely low level of noise
    Especially designed for fountains, public swimming pools, aqua-parks, Olympic pools and spas.

  • STH Pre-filters stainless steel pump

    The series STH and STV, corresponds to a range of pre-filters of great capacity, which allow to catch any solid body in suspension in the fluid, thus avoiding its advance to the hydraulic unit of the pump.

  • HB Pre-filters cast iron pump

    The HB series corresponds to a range of high capacity pre-filters, which allow to trap any solid body in suspension in the fluid, thus avoiding its hydraulic joint advance of the pump.

    Both its hermetic closure system and easy opening are made possible thanks to its 4 folding inserts of great security.

  • DOSTEC Dosing pumps

    The DOSTEC dosing pumps are heavy duty, high precision diaphragm pumps for dosing liquid products.

  • RUBI Horizontal Pumps

    Bomba multicelular horizontal para aguas limpias.
    Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump for clean water. Completely silent, it is suitable for using in small booster units and for irrigation by aspersion.
    Monoblock construction.