Horizontal or vertical pump, MULTI-STAGE.

Electronic pressure switch, easily adjustable, through control panel. It allows to manage the SWITCH OFF / ON of the pump. Includes the reading of the current consumed instantaneous

Controls and manages the overcurrent protecting the motor

Dry running protection with ART system:  if the set is disconnected by the protection system due to lack of water, the ART tries, with a programmed periodicity, to connect the equipment until the water supply is restored.

Cycle Quick alarm, when the hydropneumatic tank (HIDROELIX) lose air and many frequent switches off/on occur, an alarm is activated automatically.

Hand start button

Integrated digital manometer

Integrated check valve

Motor cable pressure switch and pressure switch cable with 1.5 mt cable and plug

Hydroelix of 24lts.



Easy regulation.

Controls the lack of air in the accumulator, (Hidroelix) avoiding the rate

Overcurrent protection

Dry running protection, controls the accumulator air.