FGT Submersible Pumps for Waste water

Submersible pump incorporating a new grinder system


Submersible pump incorporating a new grinder system
Pump housing in cast iron GG-25.
VORTEX cast iron impeller.
Shaft in stainless steel Aisi 430.
Stainless steel nuts and bolts.
Upper mechanical seal in aluminum/graphite, inferior in silicon carbide.
Grinder system in treated stainless steel.
Electric motor, submerged in oil bath.
Class F insulation. IP 68 protection.
Single-phase motors with built-in thermal protection.
The motor is cooled by the liquid the pump is submerged in.
Supplied with 10m. cable H07R- NF.
Minimum liquid level: 10 cm above pump housing.
Solids Ø: 7 mm. 2850 rpm.
Max. liquid temperature: 60ºC.
Continuous operation from 0ºC to 60ºC.
Intermittent operation from 60ºC to 90ºC.
Recommended to protect adding a motor protector.