Electromechanical pressure group GP1 / GPD / GPT / GP4.

Equipment for the supply or pressure increase of clean water.

They are made up of one or several identical vertical or horizontal pumps, assembled on a common baseplate and a control panel, protection and command of the motors and control of the set.

ELIAS Booster Sets are supplied complete, pre-assembled and tested with discharge collector, insulation valves, one per pump, shutdown valve on pressure switches, pressure gauge. For correct operation a membrane or galvanised tank with injectors and adequate for the set, should be installed.



  • When demand exists, the water leaves the accumulator tank, if demand continues the pressure drops and the first pump is connected. When demand increases, more pumps will be connected until the flow of the pumps covers the demand.
    When water consumption drops, the pressure rises until reaching disconnection pressure and the pumps gradually disconnect themselves according to the flow decrease.
  • ELIAS Booster Sets are designed for the alternate working of all the pumps, which allows for a reliable operation of the set.


  • Manoeuvre panel and electric control with alternancy in multiple sets.
  • Vertical or horizontal multistage pumps.
  • Galvanised steel discharge collector.
  • Galvanised steel suction collector (on demand)
  • Common base-plate with support for electric panel for sets of two or more pumps.
  • Shut-down valve for each pump on the discharge.
  • Pre-regulated pressure switches.
  • Pressure gauge with stop valve.
  • Connection accessories.
  • Accumulator set:Membrane tank precharged at 1.5 bar. Galvanised tank with air injector, one per pump.

Protection set:

SINGLE SET: protection panel with contactor, thermal, pilot lights for On/Off, Switch, fuses.


  • Electric panel.
  • With automatic alternancy.
  • Automatic commutation of pumps in the case of abreakdown or the disactivation of one of them.
  • Electronic overload relays, regulable from 1 to 13 Amp. (per pump).
  • Detection of lack of air in the tank.
  • Protection for lack of phase.
  • General cut-off switch.
  • MAN-O-AUT button per pump.
  • Pilot lights for ON and OVERLOAD per pump.
  • Control of lack of water by means of a HIDRONIVEL or float.
  • In sets of a power superior to 5.5 HP start-up λΔ.