Why using our Maxi / MAXOR range?

Because our MAXI and MAXOR ranges are especially suitable for aggressive waters The MAXI and MAXOR series are excellent multistage pumps with ASPIRATION and IMPULSION bodies in COMPOSITE. They are inoxidables and antical especially indicated in aggressive waters by the special design of his axis, inalterable to the aggressive agents, what multiplies the length of the mechanical closing


Why use the tubomatic?

For its great insulation in expanded polyethylene foam, fireproofed in mass, with a closed reticulated structure and externally covered with an aluminized and embossed film. Due to its chemical structure and special finish, it is endowed with a series of advantages: High chemical resistance, being a non-toxic and eco compatible material respecting the Ozone layer. Mechanically: exceptional resistance to elasticity. Thermally: it has a good reduced heat dispersion, given its low thermal conductivity and excellent water absorption behavior due to its closed [...]


Solution for shaft chopping

It is well known the eroding / wear’s effect produced by the water on the hydraulic axis of a pump, causing over time a malfunction of the same, loss of efficiency and a possible breakage of the shaft. Some of the possible causes can be: The type of material used The chemical characteristics of the water either by its natural channel or from sewage or desalination plants. Operating hours Temperature of the fluid, etc. After a meticulous analysis and many hours of dedication to find [...]