Gas oil pumps with electronic liter meter

Gas oil pumps with electronic liter meter

At Bomba Elias we have an electronic fuel flow meter that is incorporated in gas oil pumps with a maximum tolerance of 0.5%. The final liter meter.

In Bomba Elias we know how important it is to control exactly the fuel quality that you put in your work machines or in your vehicle fleets such as cars, vans, trucks, coaches … and we do not understand that there are pumps that incorporate liter counters with tolerances close to 8 % since they hinder the real control of the fuel that we use in our daily activity. Take into account that, for example, 8% of 1,000 l. They are 80 l.

How many liters do we lose annually due to deviations in its use control?

It is clear that for any company that has machines powered by diesel it is essential to control the amount of fuel used each year to optimize costs and improve their production ratios.

That is why our gas oil pumps incorporate this electronic meter with the best tolerance index of the market; 0.5%

Another advantage of the product is that it can be installed in a closed cabinet to avoid tampering or alterations.

They also house user drivers so that we know who uses the pumps, at what time and what volume of fuel is poured into the tank.

Other characteristics of our suppliers:

Equipped with self-priming pump.
Aspiration 5 m; Drive: 30 m.
With recirculation by-pass valve
Maximum flow: 75 l / min
Motor 0.8 hp .. 230Vac..50 / 69Hz Single phase with thermal protector
IP-55 protection
Continuous operation S-1
Connection of 1 “threads (BSP) or flanges
It incorporates 350 steel (micron) cleanable filter
“ON / OFF” light switch with IP-55 protection
Aluminum body meter
Digital display of liquid crystal 5 figures; Partial indicator of 3 figures and 2 decimals; 5-digit totalizer Maximum cumulative: 99,999 l.

Its functions:

Display of the liters supplied
Reset to zero
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Maximum temperature: 50ºC; Minimum: -10ºC
Battery power long-life button approx. 4 years
Low battery indicator
Flow rate of 5/110 lts / min

You know, if you have to install or renovate your diesel fuel pumps, get in touch with us; our suppliers are efficient and precise !!

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