• R Gear pump

    Volumetric electric gear pumps. Self-priming. With built-in safety valve.

    Ideal for applications of fuel oils, lubricants, animal and vegetable fats, etc.

  • R-EL Gear pumps on baseplate

    Volumetric gear pumps. Self-priming. With built-in safety valve.

  • GPG / GPG-D SECURIT Gasoil pressure groups

    Diesel oil pressure groups, single GPG or double GPG-D, incorporating self-priming gear pumps with built-in safety valve.

  • BF Gear pumps

    Sets with auto-suction gear pumps specially designed for gas-oil feed to the burner at the desired pressure.

    Motor as per IEC Standard.

    Insulation class F, with built-in thermal protection, on single-phase pumps.


  • R-INOX Gear pumps

    Self-priming pump manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316, together with other materials of the highest quality under the highest manufacturing standards
    The stainless steel shaft rotates on Teflon ball bearings, lubricated by the pumped liquid.
    These pumps are self-priming up to 0.6 atmospheres and must work in the direction of rotation that is indicated by the stuffing box nut, although, with appropriate modifications and upon request, they can be made to rotate in both directions.
    All models are able to work up to 20 bar pressure and at a maximum temperature of 180º C.