Firefighting groups

  • Compact and informative firefighting systems

    Compact fire-fighting equipment for automatic supply in fire-fighting installations.

    Main advantages:

    1. Super compact. Measures: 65 cm x 50 cm. Enables its installation in small spaces. 33% less surface area is required for installation.
    2. Informative. Its LED screen informs us of the number of starts, amps consumed, accumulated hours, configuration, historical…
  • Vertical Multi-stage pump VM

    Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump for clean water, very silent. Suitable for domestic and industrial water supply, booster sets, irrigation systems, firefighting, car wash, etc.

  • Vertical Multi-stage pump Nova Fama

    Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump for clean water.
    Pump casing and shaft in Stainless steel.

  • Fire-fighting groups ECC – ECU – ECUD


    Fire fighting equipment for automatic supply in fire fighting installations.

    Main or flow centrifugal pump, one or more pumps can be assembled to supply the total flow necessary for the installation.

  • ACn Centrifugal Normalized Pumps EN 733 (DIN 24255):

    A wide range of centrifugal pumps according to DIN- 24255 standards. EN 733.

    A wide range of centrifugal pumps according to DIN- 24255 standards. EN 733.

    Uses: general services,fire-fighting sets,agriculture,water supply,irrigation, etc.

  • SC split case pumps

    Double-suction split case pump.
    Applications: Fluids of low viscosity, clean or almost clean, without fiber content or solid particles.

  • MACn Normalized Pumps

    Centrifugal normalized monoblock pumps as to DIN 24255 standards. EN 733.
    With rigid coupling between motor and pump.
    Motor as per IEC standards.

  • BQPM Monobloc Chemical Process pump ISO 2858

    Single-stage centrifugal pumps specially constructed as per DIN-24256 for chemical products with closed impeller.
    Depending on the liquid to be pumped, there are designs which allow for the refrigeration or heating of the pump casing and seal chamber.
    The pumps can be equipped with any make and model of mechanical seal or with sealing by packing.

  • Flow meters

    Woltman type meter used in the field of industry and large water supplies.

  • Retention valves

    For water and diesel. Brass body Stainless steel spring. Maximum temperature 120ºC. Maximum pressure 25bar.

    Measures: 3/8 “, 1/2”, 3/4 “,

  • Pressure switches

    Fantastic Pressure switch which responds correctly to the reading of the fluid pressure.

    Weight 23 kg.

    Dimensions 12x22x35 cm.