MAXI Horizontal Pumps for Clean Water

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Multi-stage horizontal pump for clean water. Completely silent.


Suitable for booster sets in houses spray irrigation, etc.

Pump casing in Stainless Steel.

Shaft in composite with coating on seal and hydraulic zones.

Discharge and suction casing in rust proof composites.

Polymeric Hydraulics reinforced with fiberglass.

No problems whatsoever regarding rusting, incrustations or corrosion.

Motor as per IEC standards.

Single-phase with built-in thermal protection.

Capacitor inside the connections box.

IP-54 protection, 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz.

Max. suction height: 7 mts.

Auto-suction without foot valve: 2 mts.

Max. water temperature: 60ºC.

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